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Marisa Slifka

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Marisa Slifka

Marisa joined Zamani & Associates in November 2016 after spending one and a half years working with the Close Up Foundation, where she educated students from all over the country about the importance of participating in our political system.  Prior to working at Close Up, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies and Global Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. She was inspired by the firm’s collaborative approach and commitment to represent clients of many different backgrounds. Marisa manages an array of office duties at the firm, and enjoys communicating with the clients to assist with their matters. 

Marisa's previous experiences reflect an interest in serving and empowering communities that need it the most.  During college, Marisa led a team in raising over $60,000 for children with Cystic Fibrosis and joined in advocating for mental health awareness on her campus through the Talk About It campaign. Through these experiences, Marisa developed a deep interest in working with children and underrepresented groups, and is interested in pursuing a future career in advocacy and policy work. 

As a member of Zamani & Associates, Marisa is passionate about assisting clients in matters of domestic violence and other challenging situations. Marisa believes her work at the firm is an important component of the personalized experience clients receive, and enjoys assisting the attorneys in representing clients in various types of family matters.

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